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Assignment Submission Notice

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Assignment Submission Notice
by Taregererwa Josphat Maforo - Friday, 8 February 2019, 2:32 PM

General Note to Students

Upon submission of an assignment, please make sure that the document submitted is indeed the correct one. It is your responsibility to ascertain that a correct version of the assignment has been submitted. MyVista allows multiple opportunities to upload and edit any submitted document before the lapsing of the deadline for assignment submission. Whatever file would have been submitted by the closing of the due date is considered as the final document that will be assessed.

Wherever challenges are encountered, the issues should be raised promptly for resolution to avoid any inconveniences.


Warning Against Plagiarism

Copying of text from other learners or from other sources (for instance the module, prescribed material or directly from the internet) is not allowed – only brief quotations are allowed and then only if indicated as such.
You should reformulate existing text and use your own words to explain what you have read. It is not acceptable to retype existing text and just acknowledge the source in a footnote – you should be able to relate the idea or concept, without repeating the original author to the letter.
The aim of the assignments is not the reproduction of existing material, but to ascertain whether you have the ability to integrate existing texts, add your own interpretation and/or critique of the texts and offer a creative solution to existing problems.
Be warned: students who submit copied text will obtain a mark of ZERO for the assignment and disciplinary steps may be taken by the Faculty and/or University. It is also unacceptable to do somebody else’s work, to lend your work to them or to make your work available to them to copy
– be careful and do not make your work available to anyone!